extra virgin olive oil


Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

a family's story

As always, our family comes together during the last warm days of autumn to gather the olives. This gathering is filled with joyful moments when we get to chat and catch up on the year’s events.

Fresh oil and bread accompany us during our days together and keep us feeling connected throughout the year.

Oil is made from our olives’ juices and contains the most intense aromas and flavours of our countryside, which lies between the forests and hills facing the sea’s reflection.

Harvested by the Sassone

The organic extra virgin properties produced by a traditional blend of olives gathered from the fields, including Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino varieties. Gathered at the end of October and the beginning of November on the small family farm on the Tatti hills at an altitude of about 450 m.

Its properties include aromas and flavours of fresh herbs, green olives and artichoke. These aromatic scents linger in your mouth with immense harmony between pleasantly bitter and spicy flavours. This oil is indicated for use in every type of dish for its delicate and refined qualities.

Moraiolo Olives

The organic extra virgin properties of the monocultivar Moraiolo olives are maintained through our cultivation. These crops face south and surround the Sassone residence at an altitude of 200 m. They are gathered during the last days of November, the olives are crushed within a day using cold extraction to preserve all the aromas.

This oil is decisive to the nose, with intense herbal scents. Spicy and fragrant notes jump out on the palate. It is indicated for raw use on simple and traditional produce from the countryside.

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