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Tuscan and Maremma wines

The winery Simona Ceccherini produces Tuscan and Maremma wines for those who want a taste of our region. Each wine has its own story, with a rich meaning and authentic flavour.

Terigi 1876 PUGNITELLO - Tuscan red


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TERIGI is a legendary character from our own family, who lived here in the old house at the top of the hill. In this spot from our past, a vine variety has also found a place here tied to his memory. It has forever become his contemporary on the sunny Sassone hills of Maremma, and has been stubbornly capable of surviving just like our old relatives.

The Pugnitello gets its name from a historic Maremma vine variety, named for the form of its cluster that looks like a small fist.

This type of grape was rediscovered only twenty years ago in Maremma in collaboration with the University of Florence, and has been classified as an "autochthonous vine variety".

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Confiente SYRAH – Maremma, Tuscany


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CONFIENTE is the name of the brook that runs at the foot of the Syrah vineyard. We planted this vineyard on a hill of red earth that faces the sunrise. This variety comes from France but most probably originates from the Middle East.

The careful selection of materials, organic management, picking choice grapes on the selection table, natural wine making procedures without the use of additives produces a wine that faithfully mirrors the northern and fresh characteristics of this intimate area of Maremma.

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Poggiocurzio CILIEGIOLO – Maremma, Tuscany

Poggiocurzio DOC

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This variety's name is indicative of the aspect of its grape, round and seductive like a beautiful cherry.

The ciliegiolo is a local variety of Maremma brought here by the pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostela. The farmers of the more inner part of this southern area of Tuscany would preserve the small better-exposed hills, taking care of the vine and its fruit in a simple and natural way.

These references have inspired the POGGIOCURZIO, a modern wine with ancient roots, fruity, clean and juicy just like a cherry.

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Fontefossoli – Tuscan red


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Fontefossoli is the original starting place of our family's history. It represents the continuation of traditions that preserve the area's unique tastes and flavours for food and wine.

FONTEFOSSOLI is a wine to drink with daily meals shared by the family.

The specific qualities of this full-bodied, genuine wine make it the best choice to pair with traditional dishes from Maremma, Tuscany.

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Corollo – Tuscan rosato

Ceccherini Corollo1

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Corollo is the ancient name of the road that runs along the Sassone hill. This road was utilised for the transhumance of herds coming from Siena and descending the Sassone. In winter, they would find the rich grazing grounds of the Maremma plains.

COROLLO is the name given to our rosato, the first blossom of our crops, which is promptly ready in spring, the season that gives it its fresh aromas and pleasant fragrances.

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Birbo – Tuscan Vermentino

Ceccherini Birbo1

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Bright like the light that warms our stunning land of Maremma. Fragrant, like the maquis lapped by the sapid winds from the sea. Particular, like the voice of our donkey Birbo, a fun character that distinguish himself and let him admire.

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